Hundnära i Stockholm

En personlig hundtjänst med Din hund i centrum

With your dog in focus!


I started my company in July 2011, and I had the vision on reaching the dogs and dog owners that live in the center of the city. To do house calls. Most physiotherapist do not do that. But the home environment is very importat to be aware of when it comes to rehab. Are there stairs? Floors without carpet? If the dog has an injury in the neck, the owner need to lift up the feeding bowl. Everything around the dog, has to work out if we want the rehab to be effictive.


As a physiotherapist for dogs, I work close to dogs and their owners. We all want to see the best of result from rehabilitation. 

I only do house calls, which I have found is the most calm way for a dog to relax. No stress in traffic and after massage or rehab they can go and rest. Living in the center of the city can be very stressful for dogs.


All dogs have different conditions and I always work from what YOUR dog need and are capable of. It all depends on age, ongoing or previous injuries, chronical diseases. But also what the owner can do. Older owners that are not so mobile, can have difficulties doing the rehab exercises that I give the dog.


In rehab I use massage, different sizes of pilates balls and cavaletti. Also orthosis to adjust angles and support for bad joints. 

If your dog needs swimming for rehab, we meet at one of my colleagues. For smaller dogs as Chihuahua or dachshound, it is possible to swin in the bath tub.


Jack Russel with hip dysplasia practicing pilates ball for strengthen of muscles.

Chihuahua with a luxation of the patella exercising in the bath tub. Also getting rehab with pilates ball


 With laser treatmen I get very good results for arthritis, sprained muscles and open wounds.














I specialize in senior dogs. These old but very wise dogs. Older dogs has a lot happening in their bodies, and as an owner you need to be aware of that. Not just that they get grey and start hearing and seeing badly. I also give lecture to dog owners about the senior dogs. So they become aware of problems that might turn up and how to prevent them in the best way.











My educations:


Diploma in Canine massage therapy

Certification in Canine physiotherapy

Certification in Laser Therapy, LLLT